We at Kline Home Inspection provide a valuable service at a reasonable price. We are confident that our methods and tools are the most thorough, accurate and effective in the area and worth every penny. Your home and safety are in the best hands with Kline Home Inspection.

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Home Inspection Pricing*

Buyer Home Inspections:

  • Up to 2000 sqft = $400
  • Up to 3000 sqft = $450
  • Up to 3500 sqft = $500
  • Up to 4000 sqft = $550
  • Etc.

*Prices may vary depending on age, condition, and location.

Radon Measurement Test Pricing

  • With home inspection = $150
  • Without home inspection = $200

Radon Mitigation Pricing

Radon mitigation pricing may vary depending on the severity of the radon test results, size of property being mitigated, type of foundation, ground conditions under the slab, and size of mitigation system required. An initial radon test must be conducted in accordance with the EPA’s radon testing checklist; the checklist is available on our radon testing page.

An average residential mitigation system costs between $900 and $1800.

We accept cash, checks and credit cards.